Thanks to the donors

ArkFah is a small/long-term project initiated by 2 community members Ray.Alva (echo delegate) and Tin (arktoshi delegate).

In addition to supporting scientists in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, we hope this is a way to help us promote Ark Ecosystem to the masses.

Despite being in operation for a short time, we have achieved proud achievements!

Imagine when we have 1000 participants or more. They will try to download Ark wallet to access their balance. These thousands of people will learn about Ark Ecosystem and share information with their friends.

Up to the present time, there is ~ 6,000 ARK in our wallet, so we can maintain the payment of 200 ARK per week for the next 30 weeks. With such very good payment, I guess this project will attract a lot of participants in the near future!

We would like to thank you for joining us and especially the donors so we can keep this project strong!

List of donors

*If the donor is an active delegate, we will link their name to their proposal. Please consider give them your votes!

07/23/2020jarunik (jarunik twitter)3,333 Ѧ
07/23/2020Anonymous25 Ѧ
07/23/2020Ray.Alva (echo delegate proposal)50 Ѧ
07/23/2020Cam’s Yellow Jacket (CYJ delegate proposal)250 Ѧ
07/21/2020ARKFacts25 Ѧ
07/20/2020ARKbets2,000 Ѧ
07/18/2020kolap (kolap delegate proposal)100 Ѧ
07/14/2020Ray.Alva (echo delegate proposal)51.53867 Ѧ
07/06/2020ARKbets1,000 Ѧ
07/06/2020Anonymous7.68059 Ѧ
02/21/2021Anonymous1,000 Ѧ
06/06/2021PJ (friendsoflittleyus delegate proposal)50 Ѧ
06/06/2021Travis Walker20 Ѧ
06/06/2021MrYeah50 Ѧ
06/06/2021jarunik (jarunik twitter)100 Ѧ
06/06/2021Brohan (brohan delegate proposal)20 Ѧ
06/06/2021Milan (blues_for_alice delegate proposal)75 Ѧ
06/21/2021ARK Community Fund2,403 Ѧ